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Thread: Simpsons Hit And Run

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    first of i dont know if this should be in game world or software world cos i dunno if its the game or my burning software

    i got simpsons hit n run ( i got the 2185mb one of bt) and i've tryed nero 5 and clone cd 3.3.1 to burn it

    i installed it using daemon tools about a week ago and it works fine but its time for a hdd cleanup and when i burned the bins it keeps corrupting the end of cd 2.
    cd's 1 and 3 are fine. I have tried about 7 cd's and each one is corrupt at the end

    has anyone had this problem


    Note : i have also burned a few more different game bins and have had no problems

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    have it check the data before you burn it, make it do the speed check thing

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    i have burned at 24x and 32x
    i once asked what speed to use and was given those speeds and have never had any probs. The nero speed thing gives 39x as its result so i guess 24x and 32x are ok to burn at

    is copy protection an issue here ??

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    about 1 in 100 times I try to burn a bin/cue and for whatever reason nero doesn't like it, do you have alcohol 120% or cdrwin you can open it up in them and burn bins pretty easy, still a nero fan boy don't get me wrong

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    excellent cheers m8

    alcohol120% worked but it had to be burnt at 8x Strange that!!.
    Cdrwin wouldn't find my writer/rom no biggy but i liked its interface
    once again cheers for ya help

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    cool glad you got it, don't forget your nero roots

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@22 November 2003 - 21:16
    cool glad you got it, don't forget your nero roots
    lol never


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