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Thread: Harry Potter Game Ps2

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    I downloaded a file called: PS2.Harry.Potter.And.The.Chamber.Of.Secrets.PAL.NTSC.MiRACLE.Ryderark.ShareReactor.rar

    The folder was originally compressed with WinRar, which i decompressed to look at.

    The file has an NTSC to PAL convertor programme inside, which opens up. However the file says:

    "If you wanna convert the game to PAL, just execute
    the NTSC2PAL.exe file and select the uncompressed BIN image
    then wait for it to patch the BIN file. Next burn the CUE+BIN image
    with CDRWin or Nero and enjoy!"

    The problem is there does not seem to be any .bin files in the folder.

    there are however 1 .par file, and 31 sequentially numbered files, all 20,000,000 bytes in size.

    Neither winwar nor winzip know what to do with these files, and i assume they are the PS2 game, but i don't know how to manipulate them, or with what programme.

    Any SENSIBLE thoughts, ideas, comments or help would be greatly apperciated.

    Or if you have a downloadable ps2 copy of this game please let me know.

    Thank you

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    any ideas anyone?

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    anyone got any ideas about the numbered files? is it somthing like a set of disks from winzip but another program?

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    What format are the files?


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