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Thread: Need For Speed Underground Help

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    Well, Im quite really into this game, im on like 5/111..
    Anyway, im doin the first drag race called "The Perfect Shift", and it is totally hard, what car should i use to make it better, i am currently usin the neon one, any other better cars, and i try to do the perfect shift at the begginging of the race, but then the other cars catch up to me, and im totally stuck, i cant go at full speed cos it blows up the engine.
    Anyway, thx if you can help.

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    hold onto accelerate, and just before you reach the red line on the speedo, shift 1 gear up...

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    IF you are blowing your engine you are not shifting near fast enough.

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    dragging is way easy...much easier than the drifting you have to do later in the game. Here's some draggin tips. The meter is separated into 2 parts...the bottom part is where it shows when the engine goes bust...and there's this small separation gap between the bottom and the top meter. The top meter is basically the meter you have to focus start off fast, make sure your needle is in the separation gap when the race starts, then quickly short shift (default press insert) and you should start off way do what you normally do...wait till the meter hit near the top when it turns green, then press insert again...then you should win...haven't lost a drag race yet even tho i Just learnt how to yesterday

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    can anyone help me please i need help how to make a car wit 2 stars ???

    if can someone hep me please send me a email at [email protected]

    Please And thank you

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    visual upgrade your car with decals, paint, spoilers, rims, mirrors, etc etc.


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