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Thread: Need Help

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    i have ME and for a while ive been desperatly tryin to find an xp copy and now i did and have it and it works only i had a problem when i upgraded because it tried to find office xp installation file and it couldnt find it or whatever but now i got a different copy....

    so basically...

    i backed up all my programs on a cd and i want to reformat my disk and a clean installation on xp pro with no upgrades and i think itll work the problem is that i have an ME boot disk but no XP....on the site for a boot disk, they want me to make 6 disk and i know that cant be right....

    so where can i find a ONER DISK BOOT/STARTUP DISK FOR XP?


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    maybe I'm getting things mixed up here, but doesn't windows ask you if you want to make a boot disc when you format a floppy


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