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Thread: Sci-Fi Films & TV Series Worth Watching

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    It is not that the tape ripped Anon, but if the cassette player was sensitive, and it was really wrinkled, it would eat the tape every time so i would splice out that piece and merge it together again. When it came to certain things i was a label and trend guy so Sony was always the big name in things so that was the Diskman i got...
    Believe it or not when it came to any MP3 style electronics, i jumped to Apple for all of that, and every size you can think of when they came out.

    The kids are now sorting out all the shit!!! and labeling all the containers It looks pretty organized downstairs, now i just have to keep shrinking it down. I had a bunch of exercise equipment and sold the Treadmill, the rest i put outside in front and it was gone the next day. Slowly but surely everything i don't want will be gone.....
    The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money

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    space 1999
    Just don't watch it now, a lot of scifi series does not hold up well

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    Anyone loved Battlestar Galactica ?

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    I liked 11.22.63

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