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Thread: How To Upgrade From 2000 To Xp

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    hi, i need to upgrade from windows 2000 to windows XP and i dont know what to do with all my applications and stuff(what i downloaded )

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    put them on cd's

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    if you are updating, it shoudnt delete any files or programs, just replaces windows files. but yeah, put it on cds or dvds.

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    but what happens to all my stuff
    does it just get deleted or what?
    oh and i am using a cracked windows XP

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    If you want your windows to be stable you must do a clean install which means deleteing everything
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    I would make sure you know exactly what you are doing before changing or reinstalling your OS - you could end up with a completely non functional comp.

    when updating your OS you have the option (I think) to keep all your files and settings - BUT THINGS CAN AND DO GO WRONG.

    Backup all the progs you want to keep onto cd, you can't save your installed progs though

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    Yes Keikan, I agree (I took too long typing my last reply)

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    out of curiosity, what would i do if i had a non funtional computer?

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    ur comp wont work u f**k it ^

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    It is by far the more preferable option that you do a clean install ie. format the drive.

    Use partition magic to divide your drive into two partitions C + D. Store all of your media on D, the 'latter half' of your drive, leaving Windows on C.

    With all your saved files on the media partition D, you can now clean install XP on the C drive. This is a very good idea because in future, if you ever want to reinstall Windows, you won't find yourself in this same situation.

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