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Thread: Problem With Ie

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    Hi, I just noticed this today. A different homepage was coming up and when I went to change it, hitting tools, and then internet options, I get this msg:

    This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your systems administrator.

    Im running Win2k, using Kerio firewall, and AVG 6.0 virus protection. I have not added any software in last two weeks. Thanks for any advice you might have.

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    well, I'm guessing you are a system admin, but if you arent, you may not be able to access the options. It sounds like you may have spyware or a virus, try updating your virus definitions, or go to and do a free online scan. If that isnt it, then check to see if you have spyware, dl ad-aware at or just search for it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have both spybot and spysubtract on the puter. Both programs are updated and they show no malicious files. All virus defs are updated and I have run both an online scan and full scan from puter. I will check out the site you recommend to see if they show anything different. Thanks.

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    Try Hijack This, it looks for changes in your system that can cause this problem.

    A value may have been added to your registry called "NoBrowserOptions". Depending on the OS, it may be at HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet explorer\Restrictions, or do a search in the registry. If you find it, delete only the value "NoBrowserOptions"

    Look in Spybot>tools>browser pages and change your start page there. Also, check the BHO and Active X tools there.


    The "NoBrowserOptions" value is caused by a setting in Spybot. Run spybot, click immunize, at the bottom under miscellaneous protections, uncheck "Lock IE start page..." and "Lock IE control panel..."

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    Bless You Jg427!! I now have my home page back. The only thing I dont have is the option to change the homepage under internet options. That area is still grayed out. Even with that, I am wonderfully satisfied. I looked for the changes in Spybot, but i couldnt find the options for tools. The name of the prog I have is spybot-search & destroy. When I open it up, there is nothing that says options. Im checking under help now hoping to find something. Thanks again!

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    open the avdanced mode (should have the option from your start menu)
    start>programs>spybot s&d>advanced mode
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    A hearty thanks to all the replies. I found the settings & everything is as I want it. Im glad you guys dont get tired of those of us who are computer challenged. Thanks again.


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