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Thread: Error While Playing Game

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    I keep getting an error while playing Etherlords is what I'm getting (I have no idea at all what any of this means...):

    Can't lock surface
    (0x887601C1) Access to this surface is being refused because the surface memory is gone. The DirectDrawSurface object representing this surface should have Restore called on it.

    then the other windo after i click Enter:

    Can't draw indexed primitive.
    (0x8876024E) Unrecognized error value.

    I assumed this had something to do with my computers performance, so I adjusted the settings to the lowest possible, for example...lowered the resolution, took off shadows, changed from 32 to 16 color...which helped, now Im only getting these errors after about 30 minutes, and after I get these errors, the screen will go black and, well thats it...annoying.

    Ok, so here's my computer:
    P4, 2.0 Ghz, 256mb ram, video card is GeForce 2, have Direct X9.0 installed, OS is Windows XP Pro. I figured this was an up tp date enough computer but...this isn't the only game I have problems with, even Chaos Legion and Moto GP 2 runs slower and is jumpy with the sound and video. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanx!

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    Maybe you need to install directx 9.

    If that doesnt fix it, it sounds like its the video card or your ram

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    I searched the etherlords II support forum and google, but didn't manage to find a thing. This is what i'd do:

    1. Close any programs running in the background before playing the game ( Ctrl Alt Delete )
    2. Run DXDIAG ( Start > Run > Type dxdiag ) go to the display tab and make sure all the directx features are enabled and no problems are found.
    3. Try an installation ( last resort )

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    I have Direct X 9.0 installed...ill try running DXDIAG, and i dont have any other progs running, not even my internet is connected (until now), is there any way to check if my video card is working correctly?

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    Running dxdiag will check to see if it's features are working or not. Also, just check on display properties (right click desktop, click properties, then go to the settings tab) and see under "Display:" what hardware you're running.

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    After running Dxdiag, i had no prblems, all tests were successful, the only thing i saw is my sound card drivers were not XP scrrensaver is disabled and i even tried swiching from 32 to 16 bit color, but still, i cant figure out what is causing this error as well as slowdowns and jumpy skips in other games.?.?.?.?


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