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Thread: How To Make An .avi File Into A Svcd

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    I make SVCD's out of my .AVI files and they are ok i suppose but whenever i download a file already in SVCD format and it comes in a .BIN and .CUE files and when i burn these they are so much better quality than the ones i make myself with TMPGEnc!! I've tried lots of different settings etc. but the .BIN and .CUE ones are always better!!

    Now do they use a different method for converting or what?
    And how do you convert into a BIN and CUE files?

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    has nothing to do with that, they have better sources. you taking a 700mg file and up converting to svcd, they usually have a dvd they ripped themselves and encoded themselves and then converted to svcd

    your not going to make class a converts unless you rip it your self, and thats not very n00b friendly, well not the BEST way thats gordian's knot method

    if you want to make a test, vcdeasy will make your your converted svcd into a bin/cue but I guarantee it will not make it look better

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    ok thanks muchspl2 i was just wondering!!!!

    by the way you know when you use that ACP program in your link to make a KVCD doe's it matter how you've already set up your TMPGEnc or doe's the ACP override any settings?
    e.g. if i had the resolutions at 480*480 in the last film i encoded will it leave it at those settings?


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    no it overrides the settings to stock kvcd settings, the only way to change it automatically is to customize the avisynth settings


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