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Thread: Adobe Premiere Pro

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    I'm actually running Adobe Premiere 6.5, but I desperately need the Steadymove plugin (by 2d3) which is included with Premiere Pro. I've heard it's a separate install (meaning its not installed when you install Premiere Pro, you have to actually install it separately), so could someone please hook me up with the installer? If I REALLY have to, i'll download Premiere Pro, but I'd like to avoid the huge download if possible. The plugin is not available as a downloadable demo, so I'm kind of stuck here. If anyone could please help me out, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Scratch everything I just said. I downloaded Premiere Pro, and it wouldn't run on my computer, not only that, the plugin ONLY works with Premiere Pro (gives error message saying "only for Premiere Pro" when I try using in Premiere 6.5). So what I need is the full version from 2d3. Someone, please help me out!



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