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Thread: Dvd

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    Sep 2003
    help ive just downloaded x men 2 dvd of suprnova its just a folder named video ts with about a dozen files in it some of which are win dvd files just need to know how to burn it to dvd please.

    also wheres the best place to download dvds

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    make sure it plays first.
    open it with powerdvd or similer click the first info. file and it should play.
    if it plays i use nero.
    goto creat dvd video you will get a window with video_ts and audio_ts double click the video-ts new window will pop up just drage all your files into window the click burn.
    ps. you have to have a dvd burner.

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    Mar 2003
    Yeah mate it should be fine..i've d/'ed this too,watched & burnt it with no probs.

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    VIDEO-TS is the final folder for the movie files pria to burning. leave all of them in the folder. are you going to burn this off?


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