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Thread: Burning Battlefield 1942 Cd

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    I just switched from windows ME to XP for the first time... And when I try to install Battlefield 1942 I get an Erorr... My CD is scratched too much and it wont install.. I tried it in another PC and it does the same thing. It does it in both my CD drives also.

    This is a bought CD that I got about a year ago. Got it for my B-day. Anyway... I found a bit torrent download for battlefield and downloaded it. It's an ISO.

    Iam just wondering whats best to burn this with and if i need to use CD protection maybe ?

    I have Nero and Alchool 120% that i could burn this with. Whats best to make a copy of battlefield to install from...

    I think that after i install BF with the copy that i can put my normal BF 1942 CD in the drive and it will read some of it and i wont need to use a CD crack... The CD got like a ring scratch around the outside of the CD.. and when it gets to that part on the install it stops responding and says somthing about not being able to find something from the CD.

    Anyway if somone knows the steps for CD protection / ISO I would be greatfull :-)
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    ok, i think that a program called deamon tools, would be the best. Because you wouldn't have to worry about scratching the cd, since it reads the image, or .iso, .bin, .ccd...etc. these types of files are called disk images. I haven't looked for other programs to create cd images, because clone cd works just peachy. But, all you really need is deamon, search for it on google or something. And install it, but read their manual, because i dont' want to write out a step by step.
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    For just ISO images, I prefer
    ISO Recorder Power Toy.

    Just click and burn, so easy.. , and we like easy.
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    your best bet would be to find a clone cd copy of the game. in my opinion, clone cd makes the best copies. but as for burning, use alcohol 120. and if your worried that you will need a no-cd patch cuz your original is bad, clone cd has a "hide cdr media" option which fools the game into thinking that the original disc is in the drive, but you will need to change your regional settings on your comp to say that you live in canada (their laws are different than most, but try where you live) clone cd will not give you the option to hide cdr media if you are from a country where that is not allowed, and you also get options to clone discs and "amplify weak sectors", which means it will pretty much copy the "copy protection" provided you read the disc at 1x. it has never failed me. B)


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