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Thread: Alien Quadrilogy

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    gee whiz. there's a 9 DVD set of the Alien series coming out in about a week, featuring the theatrical and alternate edits, a bonus disc for each movie, and a 9th disc with the extra material from the old laserdisc releases. supposedly if you unfold the case completely, it measures something like five-and-a-half feet wide.

    is there such a thing as too much Alien?

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    Originally posted by 3RA1N1AC@23 November 2003 - 05:17
    gee whiz. there's a 9 DVD set of the Alien series coming out in about a week, featuring the theatrical and alternate edits, a bonus disc for each movie, and a 9th disc with the extra material from the old laserdisc releases. supposedly if you unfold the case completely, it measures something like five-and-a-half feet wide.

    is there such a thing as too much Alien?
    Yeh right a massive case to match the price tag that comes with it .probably about $100.

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    the MSRP will be in the $90-$100 range, but if you poke around on the 'net you'll be able to find a bargain. for example amazon is selling pre-orders for $70, with free shipping.

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    dont know about dollars, but here in britain its selling for £50 wich isnt too bad, considerin the last boxset came out at £80

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    thats a pic of it.

    section of article:

    "The definitive DVD box set of the most terrifying saga ever created -- over 40 hours of addidional footage. Four discs containing the original theatrical versions of each film in addition to the extended versions with ALIEN containg the 2003 Directors Cut and ALIENS 3 including Fincher's workprint.

    An additional four discs containing new detailed commentaries, interviews, multi-angle anamatics, pre-production, production and post production featurettes, 252 pages of Stan Winstonís fascinating workshop, screenplays and intriguing easter eggs. The final bonus disc contains rare still archives, theatrical and television trailers, interviews and fascinating special effects footage. "

    in the US $69.99
    in the UK £48.00

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    Sweet! I think I am gonna get that set.

    BTW: In 2004, Aliens vs. Predator will be released in theaters, which will contain more Alien footage!

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    Big waste of money
    Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me. Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, Bitchhhh!

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    Originally posted by ezyryder@23 November 2003 - 12:21
    i guess europe isn't getting that ridiculous packaging that the american edition has...

    Alien Quadrilogy comes in an enormous digipack to hold all nine discs plus a 22-page booklet listing the characters and chapter stops for each movie. Completely extended, the digipack is 64 inches. At 5 feet 4 inches, it's taller than some of my relatives.
    -- from

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    The Alien Quadrilogy has been out for liek a week or so at

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    The Alien Quadrilogy
    by James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
    starring Sigourney Weaver, Ridley Scott

    List Price: $99.98 Publisher: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
    Salesrank: 41
    Released: 02 December, 2003
    Theatrical-Release: 2003
    Our Price: $69.99

    MpaaRating: R (Restricted)
    Media: DVD
    Availibility: Not yet released

    # Color
    # Closed-captioned
    # Box set
    # Widescreen
    # Dolby
    # DTS Surround Sound

    Customer Reviews:
    Gems and stones in the same bag (***)
    Needless to say, Alien and Aliens (the first two movies) are the true gems here, but that's only 44% of this package. I'm surprised there are 3 discs dedicated exclusively to the third movie, Alien 3, which is more than half the black sheep of the series (the rest of that sheep being the 4th). I guess there's more about Alien 3 here just because they had more material to stuff in the package for it, which has absolutely no correlation with what real state each of the movies is worth. Interestingly, even though there are 3 DVD's for the third, there's no director's commentary for it. I guess that's related to something I've read online, that Fincher openly disowns Alien 3. For some hard core fans this package might represent a good deal. I regard myself as a hard core fan... but only for the first two movies. So I'll skip the stones, will wait for the separate releases of the jewels.

    Felt the need to comment (****)
    Looking at these "reviews" I felt the need to comment. Many fans of the series have known about this set since earlier this year. This DVD set is nothing short of a miracle and was a labor of love, made for the fans by fans of the films. There are complaints about Fox's "Double Dipping". This simply isn't so. This DVD set was made only because one person wanted to show the world what Alien 3 could've & should've been before Fox's suits stepped in and made director David Finch's life a living hell. What he got was a package deal that he had to do Special Editions of all four films and a project that lasted about a year. The specs listed above are not entirely accurate. The ALIEN: Director's Cut is actually 2 minutes shorter than the Theatrical Version. I Also believe the Anamorphic specs to be incorrect. For those complaining they don't want to be have to buy all four films remade in this manner, all four films will be released sometime early next year separately as 2 disc Special Editions. The 9th disc, however, will only be available in this Quadrilogy set.

    The definitive DVD collection!? (*****)
    You (almost) can't ask for more! All four films of this landmark and trendsetting sci-fi/horror series, including theatrical and extended versions of each of these unique films plus countless hours of behind the scenes footage and stills creates what can only be described as one of the most, if not THE most, definitive DVD collection available!

    Too bad, then, that there are glaring omissions in this otherwise superb offering. Why is it, for instance, that there are apparently no interviews, commentary or featurettes with Sigourney Weaver?? Without her, the series would be infinitely less accessible and interesting. Her role in "Alien" was a groundbreaking, gender-bending eye-opener, and her Oscar-nominated performance in "Aliens" was equally revolutionary.

    Second, why was "The Alien Legacy" substituted for "The Alien Saga"? The latter, narrated by John Hurt of "Alien," was a spectacular and riveting analysis of the making of each film in the series and their relevance. It provides a wonderful, insightful bookend for the series, and includes interviews with the principals, including Weaver!

    Lastly, while some featurette material focuses on H.R. Giger, I wonder if it's too little? This master's imprint on the series - and subsequent sci-fi/fantasy films in general - is indelible and unmistakable. His creepy-yet-beautiful artistry not only created arguably the most memorable creature in film history, but supplied the wondrous alien environments as well. Directors come and go, but his influence was omnipresent throughout the series and should not be overlooked.

    I mention these shortcomings simply because they're glaring in such a stupefyingly comprehensive collection. This is a must-own for me and should be for any serious fan of film. Twentieth Century Fox is to be commended for a collection that truly honors the series' fans and film connoisseurs in general.

    Source: (original)

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