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Thread: Working Copy Of Love Actually Anyone ?

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    Anyone got a working copy of Love Actually, downloaded one by a guy called asshole ( speaks for itself I suppose ) may be me but I could not get it working at the moment I am downloading an 885791KB size file ( anon ) which again cannot be viewed with the previewer - can anyone tell me I am wasting my time ? and can anyone point me towards a good copy ?

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    your wasting yoru time, if your still not convieced
    try previewing in

    heres the torrernt section, the whole will come along sooner or later

    but its on mirc right now

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    Thanks m8 - can't understand why they leave these fake files on, as soon as I had downloaded the crappy thing and found it didn't work I binned it, why doesn't everyone do the same - at least with the second download I could view it ( final destination 2 ) before i scrapped it .


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