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Thread: How To Avoid Downloading Fakes Movies

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    ok it's very simple let's say that we want to download matrix reloaded dvdrip so first of we will search for it but limt the results for at least 640 MB then we will go to this site and search for matrix reloaded we will go down to the divx section an we eill sea 3 rls
    1 The Matrix Reloaded *EXTRAS* (not our movie)
    2 The Matrix Reloaded *REPACK*(what we need)
    3 The Matrix Reloaded *BAD CROPPING* (a previous ver that got a nuke and we almost never find it ,some times you do)
    no wi will press on the butten of the note book of The Matrix Reloaded *REPACK*and we will get this page on this page we can sea the details on the movie tha includes
    1)the name Matrix Reloaded
    2)the codec divx 3.11
    3)the resultion 640x272
    4)num of cd 2
    5)length 138 Mins
    with those ansewrs we will go back to the search tab and look on the resolution of the movies that we found and on the lenth and download the right one witch is
    cd1 710,250
    cd2 713,064
    if you are not shure you can always check it after with avipreview
    have fun

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    I compare length of kazaa file to movie's actual length, but first I filter out every CAM movie I come across. I won't get into that sad, sad story. Filtering out those, movies I care not to see, movies i've already seen, anything DraggingBallz , etc. My search results are much more clearer now. I sure wish that they would redo proggy and shorten the amount of space for "Descriptions" some of those comments just make ya wanna puke, and don't you just love it when someone puts, " The Real Deal" I gotta try and remember the age range i'm dealing with here.

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    You will get movies alot faster off IRC:



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    you right about the irc byt what about old movies?

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    Originally posted by jerome18@5 December 2003 - 01:33
    Good Question.

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    Check out Packetnews !



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