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Thread: Mpeg Files Converter

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    Hi sorry if this is lame but a while ago I found a link to a site (cant recall were) that showed me step by step how to convert a downloaded film ( Avi Divx ect ect) to a CDR. The burnt CDR was suposed to then play on a stand alone DVD. I followed the instructions to the leter and all went well. But sadly my DVD player would not play the burnt CDR disk.

    But GOOD NEWS i have found a DVD player that playes CDR's and i am now able to play the disk i previously converted. ( HOORAY!&#33

    Only problem is i cant find the site with the step by step instructions again. I have trolled through all of Doom9, but i find it all so complicated I get lost in it. I have also veiwed tons of stuff on this forum and i cant find any that helps.

    I have checked out the FAQ before you point me there.

    Any help Please, i am not above begging.

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    looked at that and i read what i thought was relivant and a lot that was not .

    in one of the step by step postes it acualy says " i will show u a step by step way to convert avi Divx ect ect to cdr. But half way through it the chap says

    " I am going to use DVD2SVCD in AVI mode since it automates most of the dirty work. I'm going to assume you'r familiar with this program and have set it up already"

    I was like WHAT! some step by step instruction .You have to remember this is a section for begginers????

    Thanx but i have look through all of that, and was left even more baffled.

    I give full creadit to the guy for his attempt in the instance above, but well its best to say nothing i think.

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    one of the postes from there took me here I folowed the instructions and convered a file to DVD MPEG2. I was then instructed to use TNPEGEnc DVD Author.

    I managed to find and dl both needed TNPEG programs off Kaz. But when i tried to use the Author it said the converted file was an ilegal vidio file. Go figure.

    Yours still confused.................

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    thats the best way, not very n99b friendly, but its the best


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