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Thread: Need For Speed Underground

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    i donwloaded both cd of irc, burned them no problem but when i install it stops at 41% at skyline /vynils...i looked in the folder and it doesnt copy past 9.16MB....can someone help me plz

    my pc is a 2.4 GZ P4
    128 Nvidia geforce 4 MX
    512 memory
    i think my specs are good enough...


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    You most probably got a corrupted bin file. Use CDMage, install it, and try to open the bin with it, then to be safe, check it for errors or corruption should be in the menu...

    if you can't open it with Cdmage then bad luck, your bin file is far beyond being repaired, and you probably have to redownload it again.

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    Yes, never burn a image without checking it for corruption first with CDMage. CDmage has saved many games for me even games i bought and were too scratched to install

    My Rouge Spear CD was so scratched it would not install all the way. so i made a image of it with Ultra ISO. of course the image was also corrupt. then even trying to repair corrupted sectors did not fix it. i have to rebuild the sector fileds one by one. and it works perfect now. i just reburned it

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    i got past that but now it got stuck on cd 2....i did the check and all...i tried to mount it on my hard drive but it keeps asking me for cd 1....i dont know....


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