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Thread: Iso?

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    so i know you guys always say not to get games off of kazaa-lite...but i did. i was trying to get halo, which was quite hard, and i finally downloaded what claimed to be an iso. (i was convinced it was real since i found the same file on IRC)

    its labeled flt-halo.exe...can it still be an iso even though its an exe? sorry, i know next to nothing about this. thanks for your help.


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    change the name to .iso then see if you can mount it.

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    its probably a fake, whats the file size ?

    is it flt-halo.iso.exe or just flt-halo.exe

    if you get a game bin/iso off kazaa you need to run it through cdmage to fix any corruptions

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    wow, thanks for the fast replies.

    i tried to just change it to .iso, that didnt work ("not a valid CD image file").

    it was just flt-halo.ece, and is 698MB.

    edit: as an update, scanning it with cdmage theres three corrupted sectors and they make references to cab files within the exe. thats good news, i assume

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    ehhh cab files are for the installer, no cabs means no install....then u kno the rest

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    only if it can fix it

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    Perhaps it's a self-extracting archive... why not install WinRAR (v3.2 is latest) then right-click the file and select Open with WinRAR
    That's what I do as WinRAR can open many installer files as well as RAR, ACE & Zip archives.
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    this forum is amazing. thanks for your help everyone.

    so many good things, cdmage was able to open it and scan it and fix the three corrupted sectors. i didnt really know what to do with it then so i just extracted it to a folder and, lo and behold, there it all is. the file is real, for those that might be interested in it (something like 715,000Kb on kazaa i think).

    and it was installing and...i got a corrupted CAB file. now winrar cant fix this and the only program i could find was "Advanced CAB Repair" out on the net. its shareware but you have to pay to actually output a fixed file, which is bullshit. it claims that the CAB is fixable though, so i want to fix it.

    and to make a long story short, anyone know of any other cab repairing programs or a way to circumvent the lockout?



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