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Thread: Update to the Forum Rules

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    In order to make sure that our forums remain an enjoyable place for our community to hang out, as well as a place to foster good discussion and obtain help when needed, we've laid out some very basic, general guidelines and rules for threads/posts. These specify what kind of posting is okay and what is not okay. If you stick to these guidelines and rules, the forum will be easier to use and enjoyable for everyone.

    This will include all areas of the forum with the exception of the "off-topic" areas --> The Lounge, Funny Stuff, and Word Games. <-- Those sections will continue to operate almost entirely un-moderated as always.

    Before you start a new thread, ask yourself the following: "Does this go here"? or "Does this best fit here"?

    The same goes for replying to a thread. Remember, someone put time and thought into creating the thread, so ask yourself before posting: "Will my reply offer appropriate advice, help or otherwise positively contribute to the discussion?" Flaming, trolling, insulting, derailing, etc. are NOT appropriate responses to threads outside of the "off-topic" areas.

    The mods will do their best to keep threads moving in the right direction. Feel free to alert the mods by reporting posts which you feel break the rules. You can do so by hitting the Report button (see below). Reports are only visible to you and the mods.

    report button.jpg

    Just for reference:

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