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Thread: What Codecs Do I Have?

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    When i searched my comp using "codec" i found a bunch of stuff. I tried to delete some codecs that i dont use or are replaced by the k-lite codec 2.10f, but some of my games still dont run either with audio or video, or both (such as freelancer).

    During my search i found a lot of codec related files in my system32 folder, but i dont want to mess up my computer be deleting everything.

    Is there a some software that can tell me which ones of my codecs are conflicting with the others and is there some universal codec that would work with all games, and all movies as well?

    Some examples of the stuff i found in my search/system 32 folder are: Codecvt.dll, wstcodec, l3codeca.acm, and 3ivxVfWCodec.dll. There are many more, but these are the ones that seem to repeat over and over. I need some help with clearing my computer of all this crap!

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    Originally posted by Timz@23 November 2003 - 21:03
    I tried to delete some codecs
    bad move

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    did you install any codec packs, or any individual codecs?

    uninstall any packs, just to add, I suspect you need all those you posted, and i doubt your game not playing sound has anything to do with a codec conflict

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    the trouble shooter for the game said that the game would not play sound correctly if i was using any "3rd Party Codecs"

    sooo, is that a no on the codec confliction software?


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