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Thread: Colin Mcrae 2.0.exe

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    sup guys. im kinda got a problem ive just downloaded the game colin mcrae off the verified download section (colin mcrae 2.0.exe). I go in2 the game and everythings working fine untill i try to actually race. it comes up with make sure the cmr2 cd is in the drive. Ive downloaded heapsa no cd patches and stuff but it still aint workin.

    Any1 have any ideas???
    or has n e1 downloaded the same thing and got it working? how? lol

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    What os do you have? THis happen to me when i installed Windows 2000 but when i played it on WinMe it was fine
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Some games silll need CD checks along with the crack. i have many games from DEViANCE and others that, even after transferring the crack from the CD. you still have to have the CD in the ROM. i use Daemon Tools+Crack and my games play fine

    Example Madden 2004 needs both a No CD Crack and the CD/Image must be in the Rom to play it

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    i had the same problem, how i got mine to work, and is still working>>>>>>>>
    installed game into folder, double click reg file, ok,, then this is the bit i should have done, double click the setup ms-dos batch file which you should have in the same folder, a dos window comes up and let it run.
    after thats finished you should be able to run the game.
    the only other thing that will cause that problem is if the graphics are set to high in the game options. hope this helps.

    p.s i'm running mine on xp pro, with out any game patchs (ect).


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