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Thread: Vcd

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    ok so...i got the 3 american pie movies and know i want to burn them on a cd in the format of "vcd" !!!
    i used ner0 --- the size of movie goes way off the disk size (700mb)
    i used tmpengc --- same problem
    the movies are
    the first movie - 686,498 mb - divxmpg4 v3
    2 movie 715507 mb divxmpg4 v3
    3 movie 716866 mb xvid

    any help ???

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    If you make it kvcd it will fit on 1 disc, you can fit up to 800mb's on 1 disc and nero sucks at encoding, only use it to burn, use tmpgenc to encode and to split it, cause you have to split movies to 2 disc's for regaler vcd/svcd

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    in TMPGEnc u can reduce the filesize.

    Smaller bitrate=smaller filesize


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