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    ok so...i got the 3 american pie movies and know i want to burn them on a cd in the format of "vcd" !!!
    i used ner0 --- the size of movie goes way off the disk size (700mb)
    i used tmpengc --- same problem
    the movies are
    the first movie - 686,498 mb - divxmpg4 v3
    2 movie 715507 mb divxmpg4 v3
    3 movie 716866 mb xvid

    any help ???

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    sorry for the double post

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    VCD's movies are normally put on 2 cd's (average size movies). You can use mpeg tools on tmpgenc to cut the movies into smaller chunks.

    Go to File and select Mpeg Tools then Cut and Merge.

    To save disk space you can of course cut the movies so one movie finnishes on one disk and another starts on the same disk.

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    why have you posted the same exact subject word for word again an hour later... pathetic

    and u requested that hack program, u really are lame

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    use KVCD encoding IF YOUR DVD is for muchspl2 thread


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