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Thread: President Kennedy?

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    Hey Dude! Interesting Post

    I am mixed, I think there are elements within the case that suggest a conspiracy, however, It was Oswold who pulled the trigger.

    Maybe Oswold gained some influences from Castro and Russia, although I just felt his character lacked that kind of interaction, maybe he wanted to get attention from castro.

    I don't think we will ever Know, a conspiracy will continue until some hard evidence linking Oswold to this conspiracy(?) is made.

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    i base my opinion on a series that was shown here in UK on the history channel that oswald never fired a shot, sure he was framed, but he never fired a shot! how could he shoot kennedy in the front of his head from the book place which was behind him?

    this series claims that kennedy was shot from the front from a drain where a sniper shot up from a matter of yards which nearly blew kennedys head off!

    if you watch ZABRUDER(spelling) film you can see the shot to the front of his head

    there were claims and footage showing a shooter on grassy knowl!

    i believe here we have the BIGGEST cover up in history and it needs to be sorted out as there are alot of guilty EX presidential officials-johnson etc!


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    to be honest, i couldn't care less
    how do you know what's the truth and what's not?
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    Originally posted by 3rd gen noob@23 November 2003 - 23:26
    to be honest, i couldn&#39;t care less
    how do you know what&#39;s the truth and what&#39;s not?
    i agree there a little about not knowing but i believe it was a magic bullet that hit him in head 3 times well that would put me with the conspiracy theory how he get hit 3 times diffrent directions all 3 i say oswald at least hit him 2 times the third was by someone else

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    simple look at the facts ... he was shot multible times really fast ... its been proven that a real perfeshinal can barly shot that many times in the time frame he had and that is completly without aiming not to mention oswald had to hit a moving target from pretty dam far away ... so there must have been multible shots so this means that it wasnt just some diranged man who didnt like ht prez...

    now oswald gets murdered some time later... sepiciace to say the least ...

    so oviously it was a conspiricy...

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    while Abraham Zapruder&#39;s "Headsnap" is a very good film, i still have to wonder why this thread is in Movieworld.

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    Probably the truth will come out one day,maybe in about 50 years time when everybody involved will be dead and buried.

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    I read somewhere that evidence has shown that Lee Harvey Oswald was proven not be the shooter. I don&#39;t know the book was outdated. and apparently the answer to Kennedy&#39;s assasination lies within his brain (literally) which has subsequently been lost.

    Coincidence or conspiracy?
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    If anybody in the uk watched BBC 2 last night,t hey had a full CG animation of the shooting, whihch dispelled every major conspiracy theory and proved that there were indeed 3 shots from Harvey lees rifle. To prove he could nock out 3 shots in under 8 seconds they got an 89 year old ex marine to do it so i imagine if he could do it, Harvey lee, a young fit ex marine with a superb record in sniper rifle accuracy could. They dispelled the "magic bullet theory" and showed how

    1)The bullets could only have come from Harvey lees rifle (the scratch markings on the bullet from the barrel were identical to the test round fired from his rifle)

    2) The bullet, travelling in a straight line matched perfectly with the entry and exit wounds of the two men, and led in a line directly to the window Harvey was shooting from

    I really hope that the documentary is put out for fileshare, because it was extremley methodical and professional.

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