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Thread: Arcade Pc

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    if u could, how would u go about making a arcade pc, like the ones that play super mario bros and arcade games like time cop....u kno the consules at game places or fairs....i wanna make one to put it my dads business, im sure it would make money

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    Oddly enough, I once had a contract to make cables for a arcade company. These were for old style mechanical machines, not computers.
    The contract was for 1000 cables and I remember commenting that they must have a lot of machines.
    No, they replied, they had to replace them all the time.

    I don't know how you make a computer arcade game, but I do know you had better build it like a brick sh*thouse, cause people beat the hell out of game machines.
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    yah, i realize friend has old ass pc stuff so money isnt wanting something that i can plug in and they can only run certain games, no access to windows or anything unless pass

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    well... it depends on what program you use to run the games. a console emulator, i don't think it'd be easy at all to set it up on a pay-per-play basis.

    BUT with an arcade emulator like MAME, it emulates the credit system correctly so that you have to press a button to "drop" a quarter into it. so if you could wire up the coin box to correspond to the correct keyboard key, you might be able to set it up so that people can select games and play them with just a pair of USB joysticks. the only real problem i can see is that you would have to check the games you're installing on MAME, and make sure you set the controls up right because some of them do require a bit of control & screen configuration (for instance the vertical screen games like Punch Out).

    the DOS version of MAME also does not include a menu system, which means that you have to look at various third-party "front-ends" (menus) to add on to it-- this is prolly the way to go, because some of them might be easier to navigate with a joystick than others.

    there might also be a problem with the sturdiness of PC joysticks, too. when you're using them at home there's barely any chance of breaking them. but if you put them in a public area, they are going to be subjected to a lot of rough treatment-- PC controllers aren't designed to take the kind of abuse that arcade joysticks are.

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    thanks 3RA1N1AC, that helps alot...does any1 esle have any advice...
    i do agree with that joystick thing, i have an old sidewinder from M$, it works nice and has taken some abuse..

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    I think you will find this site interesting pirate


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