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Thread: Fun Tonight

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    Man, this has been a great day for the forum.

    So many people here, each with his/her own thoughts.

    I only bother with this forum because it allows my American ass the opportunity to hear from the rest of the English speaking world.

    I would love for there to be a forum in which anything that is posted could be translated to any language so that we could all talk.

    The result, IMO, would be that we would all realize that everyone is the same, but we live in different physical locales.

    I remember a story I read about an American soldier who killed a German, but had to hide in a bunker with his body for the night.
    He removed the wallet of the soldier and saw pictures of him as a youth, his wife, his children. He wept for what he had done, and appreciated the value each person and how we were all the same.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    yes, a sad story - do you know where you read it?

    translation in any language - everyone could help, e.g. if you speak
    additional languages and a new message come in you can summarize it
    or translate e.g.

    if someone would post a polish message I could translate it
    althoug I was born in nuremberg I have some relatives in poland (gdansk, otwock->near warszawa) and understand something

    ~nice dreams...


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