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Thread: Google Pirate 2.0

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    How much has the new update affected everyone?? I haven't even tried a search since..

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    Yeah I did. I was looking for a French R&B album that ended on 77th spot on it's first week on French charts. It was so badly circulated that even the Scene didn't do it. I still found a CBR320 copy of it on the very first page of Google search.

    I don't think it's gonna affect much the experienced users as they don't merely search for "free artist mp3" The people who post content also gotta be tricky about using the smart keywords for it to be easily discoverable.

    When I search for an album I rather put "tracklist" in the keyword cuz whoever post the music albums on blogs, forums etc mention tracklist, makes it easier to find and eliminating thousands of unwanted reviews and interviews pages about the album.

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    You just have to be smarter with your search words, more info not less

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    I wouldn't trust google enough to search for stuff like that :/


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