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Thread: Thoughts on Top Gear?

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    Any fans / haters? I hate it. James May is the best of the presenters, in being the voice of reason, but everything else is so staged it's untrue. I always come away feeling it's made for people with the intellect of a hot dog or am I being too harsh?


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    i like top gear but the staged parts are beginning to annoy me. like when they do a car challenge and they have to get a car each... rather than going out and doing it properly and picking the three best cars for that challenge theyll go out and buy some crap. i can usually come up with a dozen cars better for the same money. but they obviously do it to get the most laughs. or what they think will gather laughs. i wish theyd actually do a challenge properly for once. if something funny happens then thats great. just dont force it. i still enjoy the show but its getting a bit too obvious. they need to stop trying so hard and just do what comes natural like the earlier seasons.

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    Very Staged.... Yet, very entertaining.

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    I used to like it way back when it was more about car reviews. Now that it's more about the staged specials, I don't really care for it.

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    Top Gear is the best Car Show that actually is not about cars. I love it. The whole cinematic look and big production value.

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    Yeah, some episodes are awesome, some are just OK, but overall, darn fun.

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    I still rather like Top Gear. I'll agree it's not as good as it used to be though. Attempting to destroy the Toyota Hilux is probably my favourite.
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    After watching Elon Musk talking about Top Gear I don't believe anything on that show. It's still entertaining though so I watch it.

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    It's fiction, but watchable entertaining fiction

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    I hate it. It is just crap and wish they would have proper reviews about cars for everyday people who are not loaded. What a waste of my TV licence money.

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