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Thread: PC, Console or Both?

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    It's not until you can connect up to a CAVE system that you realize what you are missing
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    Marine Doom in 3D
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    I prefer gaming on PC. It's a pretty cool experience.

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    I have PC Alienware Area 51 R2. Graphics card Nvidia GTX 980. 16Gb. Ram. I don't game like I used to which is why I haven't upgraded my Graphics card. My son has the Playstation 4 and I game with him on his console sometimes too. I really don't have a preference as to console or pc. I enjoy them both.

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    play on console

    watch others play on pc

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    I only have a computer, a laptop older than this topic. It barely runs anything so it has been quite hard to having a good gaming experience. I'm trying to save up for a PlayStation 4, at least I won't have to worry about hardware and I get to play these amazing exclusives that it has.

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    Console all the way for me...except when it comes to RTS.
    I still play Starcraft once every blue moon.

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