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Thread: PC, Console or Both?

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    Both since 2002, but with the latest generation of consoles, i think i'll stay with my PC only.

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    Stadia. There have to be at least a couple of us or they would be shutting it down.

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    PC all the way!

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    I'd say console has its moments, but with Steam's 'Big Picture' mode, a controller, and a large TV, it really negates the need aside from exclusives. however, retro consoles will always be fun for modding and nostalgia. playing on an emulator just doesn't have the same ~vibe~

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    PC only here. Last console I had was the xbox 360. With the prices of PC hardware going up over the years it was a choice between having both or focusing on one. Got sucked into the watercooling world so it made the hobby even more expen$ive!

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