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Thread: PC, Console or Both?

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    I like my console because Im alway trying to play catchup with the PC

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    i use both pc & console! Then you have the best of both!

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    I prefer console for ease of use and local mutiplayer...but also have a PC gaming rig

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    Console, it always works without installing all the mumbo jumbo that a PC requires.

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    PC, but getting tired of having to build a new one every year or so to have new games run well. thinking about a Console

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    I play on both console and PC though I prefer gaming on PC with xbox controller over my PS4 if the game is available on both platforms.

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    I have a 970 GPU PC and XBONE. PC for graphics and campaign, XBONE for multiplayer. I can't tell you how long I've had to wait to join a game on PC. It's painful. XBONE, works every time.

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    must be PC and console.. but console is my primary gaming device

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    Ever since my PS2 died back in 2006, I haven't had a console since. I truly feel that the PC is everything I need for gaming and work, tho it is in need of an upgrade lol
    [email protected], GTX680, 32GBs RAM

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    I have a pc and consoles due to the exclusives that only come out for the systems but I prefer playing on the PC.

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