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Thread: PC, Console or Both?

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    Consoles mainly for the ease of it all. However, my kids only want to play Minecraft on the PC.

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    PC for me as I hate joypad type controllers. Mouse and "asdw/space/shift/control" I find natural after too many years of playing.

    However, to contradict myself, consoles are much better for family type games (front room gaming) when used with motion controllers

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    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    I haven't had a console sine the original playstation. PC all the way for me.

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    For me, I think it honestly depends on the game. You ever try to play halo wars or sims on a console? Not fun. PC mouse movements and a full board of programmable keys really open up possibilities consoles don't have. But I personally like consoles more, the controllers and easy to use party chat makes playing with friends just more fun. I know PC has programs for voice chatting but the fact that its not within the game kind of throws me off. :/

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    PC for my Football Manager and Xbox for Fifa

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