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    Today I used system restore for the first time every.

    It worked surprisingly well.

    I downloaded some program called pcmark2002 or something like that.
    A benchmark programs for PCs. When I tried to run the full version of it, computer kept on rebooting and rebooting with no video signal. I nearly had to to a clean install just to get a hold of it.

    But then I was able to get it to boot into safe mode, which by accident I was able to use the system restore feature.

    A great feature I might add.

    However I selected a date that was too fat back.

    Recently I have cleaned up my computer and reorganized a lot of stuff. In the past I downloaded a lot of programs and just installed them any where under no directory and it created a supreme mess.

    So I clean it up and removed the programs I no longer use. Defraged the hard drive and said good buy to such clutter, and porno.

    Then after the system restore it was all back. Scary almost. actually no almost, simply scary.

    Is there a way to use system restore to go forward in date?
    Basically I f-ed up my computer today on the 23rd and I went back to the 3rd just because.

    Since then I have downloaded large games that I currently use (well not any more I guess).

    Can I use restore to go to a date prior to 11/3/03?

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    yep, you can go forward in restore points
    start>programs>accessories>system tools>system restore
    thats where you can get the option to pick a date to restore to

    it wont delete anything though, i dont think, you'll have backup
    what you want to keep and do a full system recovery probably
    (or just delete the files you dont want after the restore)
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    IMO, system restore dont work too well, it seems that it leaves a bunch of junk left over from programs that were installed just prior to the restore. ahhh, but what the hell do i know.......

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    I use system restore whenever i download a virus, but i only deactivate and re-activate it so the virus isnt in the restore record. When you do this it deletes all previous record of restore points, which is useful if you want to get rid of viruses and tojans.

    One thing you must remember is that if have stored software on your computer, which you know are safe and want to keep them after any restore operation (because it deletes every .exe you've saved since your restore point), you should Zip them up, so it isnt deleted by the resore program.


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