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Thread: Simcity4 Pls Help

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    I D/L the 2 disks, burned them, installed, aplied the crk, ser#, etc.
    WinXP Pro Pentium4 256 Ram,
    Can not play the game. Error message: Windows can not run the aplication or some like that.
    I want to uninstall, can not.
    The program does not appear in the control panel list for change/remove.
    There is an uninstall.exe in disk CD_1, does not function.
    What can be done ?

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    See below ;)
    If it won't uninstall by the usual add/remove feature's, then i tend to just delete the actual folder where the program's located (though this isn't recommended for some software such as application's), i've had problem's with Sim City 4 too and it's damned annoying though i did get it to work despite the installer crashing at the end lol

    The Sim City 4 folder is located in Program File's - Maxis - Sim City 4 if that help's you any

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    Sorry I don't have any solution to your problem. I just want to let you know that I have also Windows XP and I can't get it worked well too. I could install the game, but play it only for 5 minuts and then it crashes. Everytime. I tried it several times. But the game, looks good.... maybe worth to but it or to get a better "copy".

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    don't think its an xp problem... i have the game installed on 2 computers, one w/ xp home the other pro and it works like a charm on both.

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    Where did you get your Sim City 4?

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    try to play it in windows 2000 or nt compatibility....

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    Flt has a fix file for cd2!


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