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Thread: Dreamcast Color Mod...

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    May 2003
    I got an NTSC Dreamcast from a friend (It plays Copies original games, but I'm not sure about multi-region, because I don't have any PAL games)

    I have a PAL TV and a VCR That plays PAL and NTSC Tapes.

    I have an AV Cable for the DC and an RF Adapter (Which was NTSC, so the pins weren't the right size, so I had to get it modified to fit an RF port)

    My TV only has RF-IN while my VCR Has RF-IN, RF-Out, AV-In and Av-Out

    Whenever I play the DC on the TV VIA the modifed RF Cable, the games come out in black and white with bad sound. Apparently this is because the TV Is not multi-system (I have another TV which is multi-system and plays everything fine through the DC's AV Cable, but it's around 150CM which I find is too big, and I'd prefer having all 3 of my consoles on one TV)

    These guys at this Video-Game store said that I can get a color mod which will allow the DC To play in color with sound on a Pal System TV ... They're internal And apparently will only work with AV Cables (But I don't have any AV ports on my TV)

    The guy at the store said I could set the DC Up like this,

    DreamCast (color modded) Video/AV-Out (AV Cable) Goes from the Dreamcastr into my VCR's AV IN... There is then a separate RF Cable going from the VCR's RF-OUT into my TV's Rf-In

    the guy said that the color mod will enable the DC To work with that setup, however when I tried that method with Xbox, I couldn't get any picture or any sound, apparently it only works with the modded Dreamcast. I don't think my VCR (which is a Mitsubishi from 1996 or so) would be able to take the AV Signal and convert it to RF to go into my TV... are AV and RF two different signals? Is the guy lying, or would everything work fine with that setup?

    The other option is an external converter which only works with RF, and because my Dreamcast RF Cable I got off Ebay is NTSC, but modified, I'm not sure how reliable it would be (I'd be using a generic RF Cable for the former method, not the dreamcast one)

    I'm thinking that the Internal (first choice) chip is the best, but because I couldn't get anything when I had my Xbox's AV going into my VCR's AV-IN and an RF cable going from the VCR RF-Out to the TV's RF In, I'm not sure if the guy is talking crap... Would it work with that setup?

    I need all the advice and help I can get.

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    you have to put your vcr in vcr mode, hit the tv/vcr button

    then you would have to put your vcr on the input channel, it should work with out the mod, but you will have to try it

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    May 2003
    Would it work with all consoles, or only a modded dreamcast, like the guy says?

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    Send me your TV, all 3 consoles, some tin foil, duck tape and cotton buds.

    I'll get it workin' for ya!


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