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Thread: Icq Pro And Icq Lite

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    I just installed the newest versions of icq pro and icq lite. When I
    installed... it set both as a link in my Explorer "tools" at the top of
    my screen. I don't want this in there. How do I take it out? I tried to
    just delete it but it won't work. I had an older version of icq before and
    it didn't put this link in the tools.

    I tried:
    Click on the ICQ icon and REMOVE

    But the remove button is greyed out.
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    It is just a browser extension- not a big deal really. You may have an option to remove it specifically in "add or remove" programs". You may even have an option to disable the feature in one of the ICQ's options settings. Regardless, you can also use a program that removes "third-party browser extensions" such as Norton SystemWork's "Clean and Safe" utility. Or one of them- not sure what the name is of it specifically.


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