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Thread: Can non-HD pics be converted to HD?

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    You should try this.You have to register on the website. I think it would be helpful for you.

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    You may not be able to convert them to HD but depending on the picture maybe you can still improve their quality.
    As for which software to use, you can try Photoshop or if you don't have the budget, you can use GIMP which is free.

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    You can't turn a non HD pic into an HD one. You an try the upscale + sharpen technique but the image will never be HD quality. Here's a free software that you can try for that.

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    To make it simple, the answer is no.

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    No, pics cannot be converted in to HD..

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    Google's new machine learning RAISR looks promising for what you're looking to accomplish. You can try out some of the python SDKs for it on github!
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    Upscaling involves spreading the pixels out and guessing what was in there. Sometimes video conversion route could look okay because they have multiple frames, so a good program can use that to make better guesses. It won't be as good as if it was shot in HD.

    Assuming the still was always digital there is software out there that works better than others. Ones that use fractals or similar and analyse the image rather than simple guess missing pixels based on average of the colours around, work better but take longer.
    You don't say what quality & resolution the original is verses what HD res you want.

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    There are many site are available in internet.. you can convert pics into HD form through online these sites...

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    nQQ has the right response I think. I must admit didn`t consider that upscale would do a predictive algo based on previous/subsequent frames.... interesting idea but not sure that would work with anything mpeg encoded unless on key frame since a delta surely already encoded just the difference in a block anyway ? Could work in a raw format but would be a hell of a plugin to be able to work it out against movement etc.

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