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Thread: T3 Demo Is Out!

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    I was on last night looking around for some stuff to download. they've got the new demo for the new Terminator 3 game, if anybody wants to try it out. I downloaded it, but havent run the install yet, till I get the replacement for my vid card. (I just dont think that this 8 meg card I'm running right now would handle it )
    obtw- if you havent been to before, no worries, everything is free, and dont have to give away your email address or sign in or anything cheeky like that. Their servers do get a bit overloaded sometimes, so dont always expect a horrendously huge connection speed. 14.something was about the average last night, on the U.S. servers.

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    for all you lasy people T3 demo

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    i dont know how people can like games that come after movies....

    like this
    all those disney games

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    Have you ever played any of the AvP games (barring Primal Hunt )?

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    it requires like 1.2 ghz and 64meg vid card.
    pc gamer said that in the beta it seemed like a mod for bf1942

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    Originally posted by Mad Cat@24 November 2003 - 20:04
    Have you ever played any of the AvP games (barring Primal Hunt )?
    yea...dont tell me they wre from a movie lol....thos egames were good

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    uuhhhhhh......k just played the demo.... well i cant say its BAD.... but its like a RTCW mp but instead of ppl its robots vs machines.... doesnt look bad, but it needs more smoothness....i mean...2 much textures for a single screen....the screen seems overloaded with details..... thats not bad but its not good for sight

    i would give it a 6/10 until the full game comes out...

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    Like I said, I havent played it yet. I added the thread, cause I thought that some peeps might wanna see what the game is gonna be like, before they spend however many dollars buying it, or however many hours downloading it. Honestly, I kinda think that the other t3 game coming out (Cant remember the name right now) might be a little bit better than this one.

    I LIKE the AvP games. Granted..they get real hard, real fast, after the first couple of levels, but I like having the choices of dif types of chars to be able to play, plus I'm a big fan of the AvP novels and comic books.


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