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    Could someone please provide me with a working hash for "Matrix Revolutions"? I am fed up with all the bogus files I have downloaded by the use of the Search button.

    I have tried my luck with previous posts of this forum, but all hashes seem not to work. Moreover, I have a question: I have noticed that some "Matrix" hashes are not .AVIs or .MPEGs, but groups of file with extensions such as .BIN and others. What are these files exactly? How can they be displayed in a Media Player such as Windows Media Player or the K-Lite Theater?



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    the hashs dont work ? i doubt that 1rst do you know what you are doing cause dling using hashs is not that hard do you have sig2dat installed ? did you read the guide on how to use sig2dat ? if yes then what is the problem is the file low on sources and your inpatient ive been wait ing a couple days now to dl revolutions and ive only got 35% im not complaning use the hash in the verifieds dl the 1 with the files size 704674kb is you dont know how to use hashs then look for the file size the artist is Raz. ok nowt wait till finished then share

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    bin cue = image

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    You'd be better off getting movies off BitTorrent:

    Bt client

    or IRC:


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    stop discouraging the use of klite please

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    why, all the people in the know used it the day it came out

    and most of the people that use irc/bittorrent are the people that YOUR DOWNLOADING IT FROM!!!

    unless you actually believe all the people that are hosting it on irc/bittorrent got it from kazaa

    so take your own advice and stop discouraging people

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    Here I help start this file by adding the second.Hope It helps They are just TMD FILES But are the fastest to get Search under username

    [email protected]
    ^^^ Then just get the twofiles I leave my COMPUTER ON all the time SO u can reach me anytime.

    But You should see it in theatresIts way better.

    The files are clean.No coughing laughing cell phones or peeps shouting.
    sig removed, please check the Board Rules.

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    tmd files have a bigger problem, their quality is the worst, only get it if you have 56k and need a small file, much better versions, and just to piss you off that much more, unless he has your supernode, he could live 10 life's running kazaa lite 24/7 365 and never see your computer, well maybe not that long, but the odds of him ever seeing you just are so low

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    Well, I was looking for a better quality than TMD. Thx for the kind offer anyway..

    BTW, I tried the verified hashes thru K-Sig. The problem is that I have been waiting for a long time under a "Need More Sources" message, yet to no avail. It is not a matter of patience: It is a matter of not knowing whether it works or not...



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    then why the f*ck would you say all the hashs seem not to work are you stupid? you should of said there low on sources be patient do you think your the only 1 in the world tryin to dl the file i can only pick up like 5 sources of the file of revolutions im dling daducks best thin to say is be patient

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