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    has kazza suddenly gone pooh? im getting all sorts of funny files when i download films/music. Now i admit im not an expert - but i aint a muppit either and this is definatly more frequent. EG black screen - no sound no piccy nothin - dont sound like "brother bear" to happened with revelotions as well (brother bear was for the missus - honest)

    LOTS of 620 bandwith options on the search screen....HAS EVERYONE MOVED ON? am i being mugged up here?.

    Feeling a little lost all advice apreciated.

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    Yes. Lots of things are fucked up now. Lots of songs have LOOPS. You download and the whole first verse is repeated. I guess its a break from the screechy MP3's.

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    Kazza is the same. It is the files that are messed up.

    I figured it would happen sooner or later. For example, you download a file and your computer crashes, but after things are fixed, you see that you can still continue on downloading from Kazza. HA! You have a file that is corrupted, yet it still can be shared.

    Also, on the Kazza list of crap. I tried to download a few songs, only to find it is somebody's homade karaoke song.

    Then you have people who "recover" accidently deleted Kazza DAT files and rename them to what they think they are, and actually end up doing it wrong and end up sharing a bad file.

    There are so many "technical file errors" competing with idiots while intentionally share bogus/fake files, Kazza is now full of clutter.

    Everyone in the world needs to clean their shared files and start over.


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