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Thread: Web based chat app do you use any?

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    Hello guys,

    As the title says, I am looking for a chat app for my recently build website. Do you have any experience using web based chat app/chat room. If yes, which one you'll recommended. I have heard about ChatWing is best so far. How much accurate I am? Please let me know if you really know about it.

    Thank you so much!
    ChatWing is designed to work within your existing website and optionally sync to a custom iOS + Android App. There is no need to adopt a new communication system and it doesn't force extra features on you. Remain in complete control of your community while ChatWing powers the communication for you.
    for further updates get back to us at

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    There are a number of best web-based chat such as Chatwing, IMO, Weber, WeChat and more but out of many, Chatwing is one of the best app for group discussion and I too use this.

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    I agree - ChatWing will be your best bet for a web-based messaging platform!

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    Meebo was a personal favorite, but it's no longer available since it was absorbed by Google. However, there remain many web messengers that can address your needs, whether you chat from home, school, work or on a public computer, where a download may not be possible

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