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Thread: How to get data from .ost file?

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    I had a 2007 Exchange environment that no longer exists. There is no Exchange server and no backup anymore. I have a local *.OST file on user's computer. I need to convert this file into a PST so I can recover calendar, contacts, etc... Is there a native Windows way of doing this? Do I have to purchase a utility to achieve my goal?

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    There are many ost recovery/convert tools out there, google `em (I`ve used in past but can`t recall which one it was).

    They tend to limit the recovery unless paid for so then look towards something like for "alternative" options once you find one that works for you in a "demo" mode

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    there is usually not much in the ost files . its only a catch of what's on the exchange server. ost is not a exchange server and backup . OST in PST format and then ms outlook 2003 will be able to find and read the files at once.


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