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Thread: looking for music,movie and tv serie,music video blogspott

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    Visit this site, you will have all the musics you want and much more:

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    its no prob i get 10 music blogspot site,music no worry, but movies and tv serie

  3. File Sharing   -   #13, and putlocker. Be careful to use it if you are in North America and Europe. I suggest to use a VPN of Proxy if you lie in this region.

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    try russian and ukrainian search queries. It`s can help you. Also recomend for AIR vpn, speed more than 30mb\s and totaly secure
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    Don't really understand what you are looking for, can you explain?

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    ca 30 music blogspots now 90% of cd there are 320 birate of cd,maxi thats good

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    Quote Originally Posted by norway View Post
    320 birate of cd
    CD bitrate is 1411.2 Kbps
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    in flac yes not in mp3

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    This site includes many different genre's of music by many different artists under the Creative Commons License. The difficult part at this site is just downloading one song. When you go to an artist's page and click on an album it wants you to download the whole album. But if you are listening to the album with the jamplayerweb there is an option at the bottom to Export this playlist: M3U. If you pause the music and click on M3U then the songs should open up in your Media Player and you can click the next and previous buttons in your Media Player and also click on File -> Save As... to save the song you are listening to.

    Ethan Stark

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