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Thread: YouTube downloader

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    Quote Originally Posted by omshivam View Post
    I find keepvid the simplest one of all websites that allow downloading youtube videos. be it keepvid dot pro or keepv dot id
    Agreed - keepvid for simplicity...

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    Snaptube is a nice Youtube downloader if you're using Android. I use it for a year now and it is best out there so far, you can even download videos from other websites.
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    there are any youtube downloader but y2mate is best for youtube video download

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon View Post
    Be sure to give jDownloader a try
    +1 for jDownloader. At first, I used it to download from DDL sites only. Then one day I discovered YouTube in the supported websites list under settings/plugins menu. I was greatly impressed by its youtube functionality and used it since then.

    Yeah! That were great news!
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    i do this with jdownloader and still works lucky

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    I'm currently using this method, since it's easier than anything else.

    If you add raw=1 to the query string, you get redirected straight to the video stream... there's also a local parameter which can be true or false (not 1 or 0, confusingly) to proxy the video through Invidious or not, and quality which can be one of dash, hd720 or medium.
    Can also be used from a terminal.

    wget ""
    Adding &listen=1 downloads the audio track instead. Neither preserves the original name, but at least they'll work if you can't or don't want to install anything.
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    You can just add 5s at the end of the youtube in your URL. That's what i use for gathering stuff for editing most of the time. ClipConverter is decent if you want to snag a small clip of a massive video too.

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