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Thread: Secureclean

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    Hi All. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any other program like SecureClean. Thanks

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    Try East Tec Eraser 2003. It has an assload of shredding options as presets which you can configure or just create your own. It has Department of Defense (DoD) standards and higher. It cleans the file(s), scrambles file/folder names and traces, as well as registry entries. This little mother can also shred your swap file. Natch, it can eat e-mail, browser, temp. files and Windows locked files (Your swap files, for example).

    I warn you, it can take a while to shred a large file. Vid files in the 20 to 30 mb range are reasons to take a nap or swap PCs! It is easy to use though. I have a friend who admits to being a total techno-loser (his words), he uses it to get rid of credit card numbers (officially), unoficially, he's shredding porn so his wife doesn't catch him!!

    It's available at

    If you just want to hide browser/net traces, try Tracks Eraser 4.0. No earlier versions, though. This one use a more secure overwrite than previouse versions. Actually it just works as claimed in this one and up.

    Check asta-land for 'special software' for these and many other apps!!

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