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Thread: Final Fantasy X2 Question

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    i just wanted to ask a few questions to any 1 who has completed the game

    1st why dont they mention tidus in the game

    2nd in the first treasure sphere the one where shinyu or tidus im not sure wich is in a cage he says i had to do it to protect the summenor but shinyu didnt know yuna nor was he a gaurdian so it must be tidus right

    3rd i beat the game at 46% finished after there is new game plus is it anouther story cause the begining movie is the same

    4th is there diffrent ending acourding to the percent completeed of the game? because there is so much left unknown with the ending i saw

    5th any1 else sence an ffx3 coming i do

    6th why did square change there name?

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    1) Tidus's name is never said because you are able to change his name in Final Fantasy X.

    2) Yuna and Tidus are reincarnates of the two other people. That's why are so alike.

    3) All the newgame+ is for is so you can start a new game with all your equipment, items, dresspheres and try to get more % completion.

    4) You need at least 75% for the good ending and 100% for the perfect ending (which is all 3).

    5) No

    6) Square changed their name because they merged with Enix.

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    1rst but in ffx manual he is referd to as tidus so youd think it would be assumed as tidus

    2nd it must be tidus right because of his knowlage of the summoner and he said i did it to protect (giving me the assumption of him being a guardian but shinyu is from long time ago before there ever was guardians or summenors so it must be tidus) the summenor ... so which is it tidus or shinyu

    3rd after beating the gam eit said all that also somthing about furthing the storyline and seeing parts of the story you missed or somthing like that

    4th thanx a lot going right back to the ps2 looks like im not sleeping tonight

    5th you seriosly sont think so ffx tiduss story ffx2 lunas story ffx3... mabey rikkus or paines or a prequal with auron yunas father and tisud father etc

    6th cool thanx

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    1). Yes, Tidus's name is mentioned in the manual, but because there was an option to rename Tidus, they didn't mention his name because there are some people that rename him. It would feel weird for those people.

    2). Lenne was a summoner in the real Zanarkand. at this time there were very few monsters, and no pilgramage so there was no real need for guardians, but if Lenne had one it was Shuin, they were Summoner and Guardian but also lovers, and this is the biginning of there downfall....

    Shuin, Star player of the real Zanarkand Abes, was not happy with what he saw in Spira, greed, deciet ect. One day in bevelle he heard rumours about an all powerful weapon created by Bevelle to destroy Zanarkand. Shuin decided to use this to wipe out all life on Spira.

    On his first attempt and second attempts he was caught, and Bevelle believed him to be a Zanarkand spy set to launch the Venagune on Bevelle. On the third attempt however, he got all the way to the activation room of the Venagune, but upon starting up the activation sequence, he was stopped by Lenne. Moments later they were discovered, and were chased where they were eventually cornered and shot on sight....

    This is where the Story of FFX-2 begins. After the shooting, the Spirits of Lenne and Shuin took different directions. Lennes spirit went into the Singer Dress sphere, and Shuin became an unsent. Unhappy by the events in spira and his blinding love for Lenne, Shuin sets his whole will on releasing the Venagune as an act of Vengance against the people he hates.

    This is where Yuna appears, upon entering the farplane looking for Tidus, Shuin appears and mistakes Yuna for Lenne, this is all due to the fact that Yuna's Dress Sphere emits the spirit of Lenne.

    Thinking that he had finally been re-united with his love, Shuin sets out to make sure that no-one can seperate them again, by destroying Spira. Yuna then sets out to stop them.

    3). Yes, it&#39;s so you can get 100% completion >_<

    5). It&#39;s done caput. No more sequals. Go import the international version to see more story.

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    alright thanx a lot for the help thank you

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    1 week left before my fren ships me a copy from singapore

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    so in all the alternet endings and stuff there is no proof of tidus being alive?

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    Actually, he does. In one of the endings, it shows YRP riding in on the Celsius onto Besaid Island. Everyone is on the beach and Wakka and Lulu are holding their baby. It shows Tidus swimming up to the surface and running to the beach. Yuna goes down to meet him and they run up to the beach holding hands... Then if you see the final ending, it shows Yuna and Tidus in the Farplanes. They say some stuff and hug and yadda yadda. Then Tidus&#39;s spirit is sended and Yuna says something about as long as she remembers, he will still be there or something like that.


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