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Thread: Default Image Save Setting?

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    I have down loaded a few image applications over the years.

    One noticeable down side that I am now dealing with is that every image I see on the internet and try to save to my desktop saves as a BMP.

    It could be a gif. it will save as a bmp.

    and so on I don't even have the option to save a jpeg as a jpeg anymore.

    How do I correct this problem?

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    How do you save your images? What browser you have?

    Normally if you right click in IE and click"Save Picture As" it should give you an option to save as .gif

    If default is bmp just scroll down that option to see gif.
    Let us know if its there.
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    I had this same problem too.
    This might help you solve it.

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    Worked for me.

    I couldn&#39;t delete 1 of the files, but I guess I deleted the one that was causing the problem.


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    Glad to hear so.
    Always nice to know the problem is solved.


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