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Thread: How Long From Now Will U Quit Gaming?

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    we are not gonna stuck with games for life right? i mean, no matter how real games gets, they are still games and waste a tremendous amout of time

    i bet some of us are pretty addicted and at the same time realize the harm that gaming has caused us

    i just wondering how long from now will you quit gaming?
    do you have a plan to do so? if you do, please share your answers

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    ill quit playing games once i lose my hands or am not able to move them or i die

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    see! thats why i say gaming is harmful, i used to think the samething when i was younger where i got a bunch of Ds and Fs from school

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    problably when i just get bored of them

    proud to be american

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    no thats not a very good answer because we get bored and tire of playing games all the time, but after a day or two the fire sparks again,

    by the way, when i say quit gaming, i mean for decreasing the amount of time spent on games by at least 80%

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    Originally posted by DrunkeNStylE@25 November 2003 - 07:20
    ill quit playing games once i lose my hands or am not able to move them or i die 
    same except add if i go BLIND or DEAF

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    when i was in school i got cs n sh*t video games didnt affect my grades i only play on avrage for 1 - 3 hours a day unless its a rpg i can t put thoses down i can play for like days straight

    if i was blind mabey id consider quiting or if i was offered 100billion dollars to quit

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    I get what you are saying. I have about 4 more months left of good old gaming and filesharing, sittin infront of my cpu all day. Then it is career time, and that is gonna suck. So about 3-6 more months of gaming that it is all over. I guess I will give my 2 Cd binder full of games to my brother in law or something

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    Originally posted by Jay@25 November 2003 - 07:25
    problably when i just get bored of them
    well when i get bored of them i just get new games

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    B) Ill probly neva stop gaming but thats not my whole life. Damn i wouldnt b able 2 stand sittin in front of a computer screen all day. I actually like 2 get out and do stuff. Eg actually meet real people face 2 face and party!
    So 2 answer ure question i dnt think any1s goin 2 stop gaming.

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