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Thread: safe file sharing country

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    With the UK and other country cracking down on file sharing

    and downloading media, i was wondering if any body knows a

    good country to have a dedicated server or virtual server for

    downloading torrents and stuff like using Shareaza. I hear that

    some country's do not in force it, or like Switzerland for

    example it is legal for private use apparently. That way one

    then can use a vpn to fetch the files and hopefully becomes

    untraceable by the Authority?

    hope this is the right forum.
    any ideas welcome

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    First you should use a vpn service which does not keep logs.
    Preferably not in the US or UK.
    This is very good insurance.

    Second, refer to https://www.dlapiperdataprotection.c...-section/c1_MT to see a map of the data protection laws around the world.

    In 2013, Andrew Hendersen wrote an article titled:
    The five best host countries for website data privacy

    It might be outdated.

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    if you search using google based on each country maybe can find
    cause some file sharing server for for public maybe


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