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Thread: Dell Win95 Cd Drive Help Again.

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    I put up a post earlier, which I cannot find my G:/ (CD drive for Dell computer), you told me to go to BIOS and check if it is listed. I found what I hope
    was the correct drive (it's not labeled as such, so I'm not sure).
    Anyway, I set for default settings, and the G drive now recognizes that I
    put in an audio disk, but it states "Windows cannot find MMJB.EXE. This
    program is needed for opening files of type 'Audio CD'. What now.
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    Reload musicmatch as mmjb.exe is the main file that runs that program

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    you need a software to play cds, if you had musicmatch then its asking for that otherwise just install one and make sure you associate you audio files with it and in property choose that program to open it


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